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Growl is a low-pitched, guttural singing style, usually used by the singers of the death metal genre. It can also be heard in other types of heavy metal. They are low-pitched, guttural and typically hard to decipher. Also called a death grunt, death growl, or death vocal. Idiots might generally refer to it as "cookie monster vocals". But those are just that: idiots, and should be taken as so.
Anders Fridén, lead singer of In Flames uses a modified version of the death growl.
by Power_Gamer April 13, 2006
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The noise you make when you are pissed, or aroused.
1. He would not turn the volume down on the TV, so I growled at him.
2. A low growl of desire rumbled in his throat as he caressed my breasts.
by ~souba~ November 19, 2005
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Commonly thought of as a sound but is actually the best song to ever have been created by an amazing boy-group EXO. It is the national anthem of South Korea, and everyone there knows it.
"Have you heard the song Growl?"
by casuallyexo November 22, 2017
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the deep and meaningful sound that erupts from the mouth when you are doing something that stimulates you.
your stiff hard woodrow deep inside my forest is causing me to growl!
by exhortshyer November 09, 2003
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cunnilingus, in the same way a hummer is fellatio.

If you growl while eating pussy, it creates an interesting vibration sensation for her.

Plus, it's difficult to talk when eating pussy, so just grunt & growl with pleasure & she'll be happy!
So I was doing the growl on my girlfriend & then the bitch farted!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada January 18, 2008
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