the act of doing something at the highest level possible
"Damn, did you see X cross that nigga over yesterday? "Hell yeah he went crazy"

"I fucked the baddest bitch in the world last night, I go crazy"

"Damn g, these chips were only .99 cents out west, these bitches go crazy!!!"

"That's that nigga Ben, I heard he be getting all the hoes..."yeah, that's my homie , he goes crazy"
by Mr. Go Crazy June 13, 2017
Expressing an extreme genuine like for something
Me: did you hear that new song on the radio?
You: yeah that go crazy
by QueenyOmygodess April 7, 2017
Said when you are ready to go crazy and go stupid.
Guy1: I am feeling this party.
Guy2: Yeah, I might go Crazy, go Stupid.
Guy1: Guacamole, nigga penis
by Atkarts March 11, 2019
To absolutely loose control of all bodily function. Once an individual has gone crazy gone stupid they are known to throw their head in every which direction and defecate in a 20 foot radius.
Mate 1: how are you doing man?
Mate 2: *proceeds to spray shit in every which direction whilst spinning on his boner like a fidget spinner.*
by thematteo318 April 10, 2019
A reference to 2020, the first year of widespread pandemonium and grief across the globe, due to the rolling lockdowns, extreme social isolation and mass death that characterizes the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Nobody can dispute that this has been The Year of Going Crazy!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 7, 2021
Nexus (formerly, Crazy or Go Crazy >.<)

- He is a discord moderator (even though he has the admin role)
- He likes to praise Riham and Divine throughout the whole day (yeah, he's a Riham and, Divine fan)
- He likes to watch furry stuffs (even r34! Pretty weird, huh?)
- Riham (the coolest person) calls him Sexus because... Actually, I don't know the reason behind it
- He plays VALORANT 24*7 and spends all of his mum's money on VALORANT skins (dude, he literally bought all the Battle Passes)

His nicknames (yes, you call him those) : Sexus, Nexus, Go Crazy, Cabbage Farmer, Riham Fan, Divine Fan, "Blue bird monster" (shoutout to that AWESOMEE person who came up with this!!)

He pretends to be a 16 yr old, although he's only 9 lmaeo
Istg this cvnt should stop making fun of other's bad English
Person 1 Yoo, Look at that absolute loser! He is so stupid lol
Person 2 You mean, Sexus? Nexus (Go Crazy)
Person 1 Yuhh lemao.
by CoolPerson-23 February 23, 2022