Save stuff and file it, or the place you put stuff to save it after you file it.
Please send us your favorite family photos so that we can add them to the genealogy archive.
by saveit December 14, 2013
Accruance of material since a set point, or since the beginning of a derived point of time.
The ancient archive!
by larstait October 16, 2003
The sole purpose of "The Archive" is an index, nay, a database of information that is stored for retrieval by Will Carter. It is crucial to the existance of Will Carter's memory because without The Archive countless people would be forgotten and probably insulted through their being forgotten. The Archive enables Will to find useful information long forgotten by most. It is like the Diary of Tom Riddle--a gateway to the past, to a persona that existed only in the moment of its creation. The Archive consists, currently (Mid 2006), of over 800,000 articles, documents, and transcripts, many of which might come of some use. Will is apparently a bit of a pack-rat in terms of storing data.
Will is able to access any part of The Archive very efficiently and dig up information dating back to his entrance to the internet.
by Will Carter July 20, 2006
Something/someone that is no longer valid at the current time.
*in the middle of lunch*
Ryan: I told her I wouldn’t do the spring musicale this year.
Troy: wow isn’t space just a weird concept
Chad: Hunty, you have been archived.
A noun used to describe any type of item that someone brings out that has not been seen or heard of in a long ass time. So when it's brought out it shocks everybody.
J: Yo, look at these sneakers I'm rockin' tell me they're not sick.

D: Damn! where'd you find the Jordan 11's

J: They were in the archives dawg.


D: Yo let's find an old ass instrumental to rap on.
J: Which one?

D: I don't know check the archives we'll find somethin.
by thetrustee May 29, 2009
a form of what to say when leaving. Comes from "history". When you're archives, you're history, outta there, gone.
Girl: Let's get out of here! This sucks!
Guy: (to his girl) Fine.

(to his crew) Yo, we archives.
Other Crew Member: What a bitch.
by yoimmag June 1, 2009
Where Noah kept his bees.
Where did you get that honey?
--"Out in my Archive"
by TheDud3Abid3s June 23, 2019