a) to get owned.
b) to get whipped.
A: Yo. I heard you lost to a noob.

B: ..yeah..


C: Yo. I heard you're ditching movie night to meet your in-laws.

D: ..yeah..

by ngarkyy June 6, 2009
wen u get cussed dwn
ur mums dry
ayyyyyyyy u got tamed
by ryderz July 24, 2005
1)the act of being housed in a sense that you have been beaten so bad that ur genitalia now resembles cottage cheese

2)to co congo on another man's privates

3)to unleash the ape upon another dude's johnson and friends

4)to call the pain train unto a buddy's wong and friends

5)to pacify.....and destroy another man's pride (weener and friends)
Dude maylord just tamed your family...
by Sam McGoldrick May 4, 2005
to be cool.
to be calm.
cooler than beans, smoother than the fonz.
Greek translations; Tayme
yo, that new track is tame as hell.
by jammy j July 7, 2005
To be fucked by a female.
I was tamed by sum hot ass bytch last night.
by erf August 6, 2003
A word to describe someone uninteresting, who refuses to take risks.
"God, that girl is so tame."
by VickyX January 3, 2007
Tame is a stinky bitch, who always smells like fish sticks, buys fake wigs, and is a broke hoe. Once you go within 30 ft near her, you will smell her stench. She loves to suck horse dick
Eww!! You’re such a tame 😷
Oh no, that gurl is a tame
NOO HONEYY, we’re not a tame
by Sole ole meaaa June 10, 2018