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The projects on the oposite side I-10 from the Superdome. Notoriously rough and at odds with other New Orleans projects like the Melpe, St. Thomas (gone), Iberville, Lafite, and the Fisher. Numerous rappers, athletes, and Angola inmates got there start here.
Let's see L.L. walk through the Calio (Gregor D. lyrics).
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B.W. Cooper housing developments (projects) formally and presently known as the Calliope (Calio). Home and roaming grounds to local rappers including but not limited to UNLV, BG, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Soulja Slim (Magnolia Slim), and Baby.
"From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio"-UNLV
by UptownSoulja February 05, 2005
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Marijuana born and raised in the state of California. The best dank you can get your hands on.
Tourist: Yo look at this!! I just got some BC and Amsterdam bud!!

California Local: Haha good one. Sorry bro but I have a date with some cali-o tonight.
by fertileturtle August 05, 2009
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When you stick a girl's hand up your asshole and flex so hard that her fingernails crack.
by titballzlulz February 08, 2008
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