Unknown subject. (Used often in TV and films dealing with crime.)
Our unsub is most likely a white male in his mid 30s, with a penchant for Star Wars action figures, and chocolate milk-type beverages.
by Ted Strong January 2, 2006
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A slang acronym used in law-enforcement meaning "Unknown Subject Of An Investigation".
The unsub left footprints in the dirt outside the window.
by Hal Barker December 2, 2005
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Short for "unsubscribe." Can be used when you unsubscribe from an email list or an RSS feed.
I chose to unsub from Robert Scoble's twitter feed. he was totally spamming!
by Chuck Jennings July 23, 2008
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A shorter version of, and easier way to say, 'unsubscribed'.
'Hey, I'm sick of all these National Geographic emails!'

'So was I. That's why I unsubbed to them.'
by ChillyPhilly December 16, 2009
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commonly used in shows such as criminal minds, stan mgg btw, unsubscribes refers to an unknown subject. The person the cops are trying to find is an unsub.
"our unsub is most likely a white male who feels the need to be in power "
by the last e girl standing January 15, 2021
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1.To unsubscribe
2.A threat made by whiny WWIIOL players as a way to make the creators afraid of losing customers and thereby getting their demands.
OMG I don't like 1.19 even though its been out for one day. CRS,if you don't change it to the way I like it I'm unsubbing!
by lolomghacks August 16, 2005
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