(n) Any type of alcohol.

(adj) The state of being so drunk that rolling in the dirt seems like a great and novel idea.
"I heard you guys got a little crazy last night."

"Yeah dude, 8 guys, 10 girls all in the dirt. Wild evening."

"How much dirt was there?"

"Wild Turkey, Crown Royal, Smirnoff...a tractor load basically."
by no_dice October 26, 2009
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Another term for someone getting wrecked in a movie or game
Guy 1: yo i Dirted that dude over there

Guy 2: nice, go collect his loot
by Yung Fiji Fre$h August 15, 2021
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To disregard, discredit, or disrespect.

Throwing dirt on someones name.

*Though used in Canada, it is not only Western Canadian slang. It is used commonly in the US ranging widely from NY to California since the late 70's (if not before that).

It is also a popular word in the U.K.
Me: What happened to your eye?

John: Mikey and I got into a fight over Cecilia and he snuffed me in the face.

Me: Wait, what? Cecilia that girl you've been dating?

John: Yep.

Me: Wow and he was supposed to be your homeboy too... Damn you were dirted hardcore.

John: I know he shitted on me, but paybacks a bitch.
by Crystella Marie April 22, 2009
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When someone is thinking dirty and, you don’t know how to say it.
by Ziah salês April 20, 2021
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When you have an extremely long ash on the end of your cigarette like the one joe had in the alligator scene of the movie Joe Dirt. Pronounced DEAR-TAY. Du$e didn't not make this up.
Dude ash that fuckin' dirte before you burn a hole in my seat!
by Jared Lieto January 15, 2009
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