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Facebook status common for women where they put where they like to leave their purses, leaving out the "purse" and putting in "it" instead. This is done to earn money for breast cancer.
I like it on the floor

I like it in the car

I like it hanging on the doorknob
by Skeegee October 05, 2010
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A more discrete way of saying "I'd hit it".
"Dude that baconater has some massive jugs."
"I like it."

"Wow, look at the ass on that..." -drunk friend says too loudly, woman definitely hears...

"I like it."
by uhavenicelegs June 14, 2019
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Its what you say when someone is beating the shit out of you. Basically in laymens terms...its a sort of self-reverse psychology. Its extreamly effective when pain is unbarable. For example, say someone bust's a cap in your shin. Painful? Not if you convince your self its not. Ive personally had incidents when life and death is a vigourious battle were the curcumstance is subcluded through a violent test of self witted onslaught"mind over matter" is upholded persay. Though trained in the arts of "I LIKE IT!" i still struggled but, however managed to overcome the hardship and survive the epidemic that beholded me. So for a more pysically fit being to give up in the persentable surcumstance from which i provayled, happend to submit to the indulgences of defeat when i did not. I say Peeshaw to this blasphomey and suggest all beings practice this, "i like it" stratigey if you will, and overcome any obstacle forfronted in the persons life. So hence forth, it is my oblagation to allow you to indulge in such tasks so you may live a long and "i like it" type life.
bully:Fuck you busta (inflics vigourous pain on to my body)
me: I like it!
*pain is overcome*
by Currybitch February 24, 2010
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