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Gawd, I just don't know, I have CRS!!!!
by Starchylde December 24, 2014
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Short for: Can't Remember Shit!
"Sorry, I don't recall that. I have a bad case of CRS."
by TBN October 13, 2005
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Can't Remember Shit-- A medical condition where you constantly forget everything including your own name
Dude, I have CRS I'm gonna fail this test!
Officer I'm sorry, I have CRS I can't remember why I'm even here
by fuckerhead992267 April 10, 2011
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Can't remember shit (or, for the less vulgar, stuff).

"CRS means Can't Remember...damn, what was that last word again?"
by Soupy January 9, 2008
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"Can't Remember Shit". Popularized by the movie Glory Daze.
I look back just a month ago and CRS.
by Bungalow Bill December 1, 2001
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It’s when you forget what you are saying minutes later.

Hey what’s up oh crap I forgot. I have CRS
by TheShredz June 27, 2020
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A medical condition where the affected suffers memory loss after the consumption of excessive ammounts of alcohol.
Michael Zanca has CRS
by Zanca December 13, 2009
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