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World War 2 Online
This is a massive online multiplayer game that is set around June, 1940. You can play as infantry, armor, anti-tank guns, planes, anti-air guns, boats, and trucks! Pretty much anything that was in the real war, you can play as. As of 5-2-04 you can play as French, Britsh, or German or any combination thereof. The terrain is massive. It all is modeled 1:2 ratio to the real continent of Europe (that's half the scale of the real thing!). There are no zones to abide by like in other games. Your only objective is to win the war. In addition to the main server, there is also a Training Server where players can tough up their skills under the guidence of a trainer (whom is an actual player).
WWIIOL main page:
Training main page:

Have you enlisted yet?
WWIIOL is one heckova game :)
by Gunnie May 02, 2004
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2 best game out there. Free download, no need to buy the box. Just 12 bucks a month for a game that gets better every week.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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A ground breaking online all arms combat sim set in early World War II.
WWIIOL is the best online game.
by Stolly February 14, 2003
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El mejor juego online del mundo
The best&c00lest online ever
WWIOL r00x

WWIIOL pwns all the other games
by Marnevs June 04, 2003
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