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Clever way of telling your friends to remove you from an inane email thread. Invented by Derek in 1995.

> Bob writes: no, I think Rocky IV was definitely the best one.
by SkippyFlipjack January 26, 2006
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a response that can be given when someone insults you via text or email so badly you cannot think of a comeback.
nice guy: so far, I hate 2010
jerk: dont give up, soon you will be under 2000 lbs
nice guy: unsubscribe
by nice guy 614 January 04, 2010
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1. Ditching a partner
2. Removing your email address from this waste of space website or changing your email settings/preferences
1. You still with that ugly dog??
2. No way - I hit the unsubscribe link
A. Isnt Word of the day crap
B. Yeah - time to unsubsribe
by ledge67 January 06, 2009
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To take yourself out of a conversation or email because it's boring or has lost it's initial humor. See also: unsubscribing, unsubscribed, unsubscriber
I gotta unsubscribe to this convo on my other line, hold on.
by crazyV January 04, 2006
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To dismiss a person or people from you or group; a word meaning you are breaking up with someone; another word for "go away"
Unsubscribe yourself from me.
by KillerPhantom5123 March 24, 2013
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a simple, rude, one word response to an unnecessarily long email thread, usually evolving into an unwarranted tangential conversation.
Did you see Wayne going on and on in that email thread this morning? Who cares...unsubscribe.
by DirtyWaterbury February 23, 2016
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