Internet shorthand for Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds fame, often used on livejournal.

Occasionally written as em-gee-gee if the writer is feeling like a giggly fourteen year old girl.
In other news, MGG is a total GQMF.
by vive la insomnia February 28, 2010
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The BEST girls grammar school in Kent, with many of the pupils having boyfriends at Oakwood Grammar or the posher boys school MGS.
The school is home to a wide mix of people:
-the few emos that people stay well away from
-the sluts who shouldn't even be at a grammar school
-the geeks who get upset if they get an A in a test
-the posh girls who walk around in UGGS, Jack wills, ralph lauren, etc. and messy hair.
The school is also home to a few eccentric teachers, such as the male teachers who dress up as women every Rag Week and thoroughly enjoy doing so.
The pupils are well-known in the area for their brown 'turd' uniform, and are likely to be even more so next year when the headmistress is introducing brown kilts.
'Haha, that girl must go to MGGS, she's wearing brown'
'That girl over there goes to MGGS - yeah, she's bound to, she's wearing glasses'
by A fellow pupil February 18, 2009
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Mammary gland Gyration... the act of tittyfucking
MGG is the same as tittyfucking, just a better way of saying it
by sihir February 8, 2011
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MMG stands for "Male Gay Girlfriend". It is said of an MGG who's always a girl's puppet. He would do anything for the girl, as he thinks she'll eventually will go out with him if he follows her rules. However, he is a MGG because at the end he doesn't get the girl since she's only using him for her girly purposes.
- Dude 1: Hey girl can I help you out carrying your bag pack? And maybe afterwards we can go take a drink, and don't worry, I'll pay for it.
- Girl: Ooh "dude 1" you are so sweet! I'll gladly go with you! And thank you sweety!
- Group of guys (backstage): Oooh man! Did you see that guy? The way he's acting omg... yeaah.. he's an MGG..
by Cpt_Pescanova November 30, 2017
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mggs girls are the ones all boys want, drop dead gorgeous and the best of the best, there personalities are the ones girls wish they had. You can tell a mggs girl from miles away, blonde highlight, fake tan and always spotted with scotch or mgs boys. There is no party unless the mggs girls are there, they are the life of the party!!

Secretly they have the most amount of zeros in there bank account than any other school, but they don't flaunt it.

There's not many relevant ones but there is always that group of four that come in from a co ed school that know all the other schools and they are pretty popular. There grades are also through the roof, get the best VCE marks out of all the school girls. most expensive girls school.
st caths girl 1 - are you getting your makeup done at mecca for the mgs brownlow

st caths girl 2 - yeah and guess what i'll see some of the mggs girls there too
by sasha hope August 1, 2019
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The systematic and continuous frottage of the male genitalia against, in between, or on top of the female breasts.
Naw dude, I don't want to hook up with her, those are A cups...I can't even MGG (Mammary Gland Gyration) that shit!!
by MMGking February 3, 2011
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