1. Shortening of the word "University" (=College)

"I'm got classes at uni this afternoon"

2. A prefix derived from latin meaning "one" or "single"
"A unicycle only has one wheel"
by JJaust September 12, 2006
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A replacement for words containing the prefix, "uni-". Has a more negative connotation than mainstream words such as, unitard, unicycle, uniform, unibrow, and the like. To clarify, in speaking to a friend, the term unibrow is more appropriate; for an enemy, unis is fitting.
(replacement of unibrow)
Girl 1: "OMG look at her new default! She's sporting full facial hair-- a stache, beard, AND unis!"
Girl 2: "WTF I would totes hit up the salon so hard if I had a unis!"

(replacement of unicycle)
Girl: "That man is riding a unis throughout campus! What a toolbag!"
by fourthroomie October 12, 2010
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Uni - A unisex pronoun for God, Our Creator or Supreme being. Replacement for gender He/She pronouns; supports the ideology that God has both a female and a male side unified as one.
2.Refers to God without reference to a sex gender pronoun.
We believe in a Divine Creator, Uni (He/She ) is one with us.
by Talanton August 19, 2017
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an NYC international school in manhattan and queens that is run for the children of UN staff and peoples and other people. they are smart and preppy but not that snobby. also, they suck at sports.
mom 1- oh my daughteerr is going to brearly
mom 2- oh my daughters not a transvestite, she goes to UNIS and speaks 3 languages...beat that bitch
by coolchickbeatthat September 25, 2009
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