The best years of your life (if you go, that is). Friends, legal drinking, more drugs, actually getting laid rather than pipe-dreaming about it. Clubs, etc! Yet less stupid social peer pressure and immaturity.

And no it doesn't have to be destructive if you can manage to balance your workload. And yeah it costs, big deal. Student loan (which is really a "tax") will be your saviour.

Work hard.
Play harder!
They say "school is the best years of your life" - rubbish.

University is much more fun if you make the best of it. Uni is the place where you can still feel young, yet get adult rights and treatment.

Even the once bullied kids and nerds become social butterflies at university.
by 20 year old student July 13, 2010
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An internatonal school in New York City, on 23st. They don't wear uniforms and seem like they are a public school, but they

aren't. Much less snobby, sucks at sports. K- 12 but many leave in high school. Stands for "United Nations International School."
"I'm going to UNIS!"

"Oh, I go to Dalton." *shuns*
by Margarrita June 14, 2010
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1.a unibrow
2.someone with a unibrow
1.Holy Shit that beast has a Uni
2.Uni has to count using fingers and toes.
by Dan December 19, 2003
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University of Surrey, (Guildfrod)
I posted this coz someone else tagged UniS
by Last Chancer October 23, 2006
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A slur for a gay male. This word was made in the late 1800s, but isn’t used anymore due to equal rights.
Jared:John, I’m gay.

John:Damn uni!
by hawnydahawse April 29, 2021
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Someone who goes to university turns into a 'Uni-Fag'. A 'Uni-fag' will typically post constantly on facebook and twitter about how great it is and show as many pictures of himself demonstrating how great a time he is having as well as making things up as he goes a long.
Jimmy said: 'Connor went to University the other day, now all he does is tell everyone about how great it is.'

Alex replied: 'Well thats a Uni Fag for ya!'
by dwhite1024 September 26, 2012
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