Trying to, or the act of picking up a girl.
"Hey guys, watch me go wheel that broad."
"I've totaly been wheeling this chick from work".
by JohnyBarber December 5, 2003
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a device invented by cavemen for cavemen so they could escape their wives
Hey that neanderthal had a good idea with that wheel, now our wives won't force us to do crap we don't want to!
by WhoGonnaKnow July 1, 2011
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a person whose only purpose in life is to make other people look and perform better, especially in online multiplayer games
Man that last guy we played with was a freakin' wheel, he fed their whole team all game!
by GuitarManiac November 11, 2008
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Rewind.As in a record that a DJ is playing.
(i)I shouted "wheel" as Brockie played the intro of 'Echo box'.
(ii) Wheel and come my selector, you bad no bitch!
by MaNaTaRmZ August 25, 2003
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a circular shaped disk or frame that revolves on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery
The wheels on the bus go round and round...

The steering wheel controls the direction of travel.

A wheelie is when the driver rides on the rear wheel(s) of a vehicle.
by J_man October 8, 2009
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the steering wheel of a car and thus the control of the car
I'm not feeling well enough to drive. The wheel is yours today.
by The Return of Light Joker November 24, 2010
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