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The type of spam I get in my e-mail box every day.
*reads e-mail* "Free Generic V.iagra",
"Online Pharmacy", "Can't get it up?", "Get V I A G R A and Phentermine Online!"

The weird thing is, is that I'm not a male.
by Alexi November 12, 2003

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The cause of autism is unknown, but studies show that people with autism have larger brains than normal.
There are different kinds of autism. Low functioning, middle functioning and high functioning.

Some of the lower functioning people with autism have the intelligence of a baby, in which they can only scream, grab at your shirt, drool, and do other baby type stuff.

However, there are people that are autistic that are very smart, such as Bill Gates.

To people that generalize autistic kids as retarded, be quiet, because you're probably using Windows.
by Alexi March 17, 2004

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Where a Klan member shops
I am a member of the KKK, I get all my goods at the KKKmart.
by Alexi November 07, 2003

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Nakama means best friend, or something to that extent.
"Nami is my nakama!" quoth Luffy.
by Alexi July 15, 2004

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It's a really shoddy car, that ranked number 1 on a top worst cars list. This is because the person testing it, had the car literally break apart.
It's called Yugo, because the car doesn't go, but you go and push the car up the hill, or wherever you're supposed to be going.
by Alexi October 19, 2003

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Men In Black, what else could it be, that makes sense?
MIB fight those damn aliens, be damned if they come back alive, all ye of evil consciousness.
by Alexi October 19, 2003

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It means "Do you speak" in the French language.
Person 1: Parlez vous Francais?
Person 2: Oui. (oui means yes)
by Alexi November 11, 2003

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