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Neopoints is the currency of the virtual pet game called, "Neopets". Otherwise known as NP for short.
I spent all my neopoints buying grooming items for my Draik.
by Alexi August 03, 2003
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Short for the genetic mutation named:

(Neuro fi bro ma to sis)
Mellisa has NF.
by Alexi September 04, 2003
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Ninten is the star of the NES game, Mother. Here in America, it's called EarthBound Zero.
by Alexi August 08, 2003
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The stupidest nickname for Nintendo. Seriously, I like Sony, X Box and Nintendo. It's people like this that make me want to start hating Sony.
....and I can say the same thing to that kid dissing Nintendo. If it weren't for Final Fantasy, Sony would have died out long ago. Now tell me, how does that make you feel?
by Alexi November 21, 2003
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A pet that you can adopt at the website www.venetopia.com
My pet is a Malacan, and his name is PureEvil.
by Alexi August 31, 2003
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Abbreviation for PlayStation X. The X stands for Xtreme, or so I've heard.
I like PSX. It's best games in my opinion are Monster Rancher, the remade version of Chrono Trigger and Monster Rancher 2.
by Alexi August 02, 2003
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1. My little brother isn't PTed yet.
2. Maliga is a PT, she had sex with Erigano!
by Alexi August 31, 2003
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