2 definitions by funness

1. n. abbreviation for Our Lady of Peace High School in San Diego, home to over 700 of the worlds fiiiiinest ladies
2. adj. refers to someone who exudes the beauty, class, and style of an OLP girl
1. That girl is so hot and soooo out of my league...she MUST go to OLP. No one at UNI could ever look like that.
2. That girl is sooo OLP...damn she is hot as hell. Clearly she does NOT go to UNI.
by funness March 23, 2004
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1. n. A high school in san diego that is home to the bitchiest/sluttiest/trashiest girls and most douche-bag resemblent guys on the planet.
2. adj. Refers to someone who exudes the attitude and bitchiness of a Uni student.
1. That girl is such a fuckin hoe...she MUST go to Uni.
2. He is sooo uni...look at how he thinks hes hot shit.
by funness March 23, 2004
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