A one wheeled vehicle powered by usually by pedals (there are motor driven ones) with a seat and frame extending from the wheel.
by Pirate Dan June 2, 2003
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A humain propelled vehicle with one wheel. Usually, unicycles have pedals, cranks, and seats derived from regular two-wheeled bicycles. Having been around for years as props for entertainers, they are comming back now as a proper form of transportation and recreation. Popular with people with certain mental conditions. Usually refered to as a "Uni". (also see Muni, Coker} and Trials Uni.
That crazy bastard is going down the mountain with his unicycle!

I'm going to unicycle to the store for more beer.
by Vortex April 28, 2003
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Throwing all of your trash and recyclables into one garbage can to be picked up.
Do I recycle? No, I unicycle.
by Pedro Dido February 11, 2010
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A man that spins his own wheels. A man that pleasures himself. Pleasure in your own company, no one else.
The lonely man performed a unicycle in the privacy of his own home.
by Dman930 February 21, 2009
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Less commonly known as an arranged circle of four or more unicorns, all having their horns stuck up either their 'partner's' anus or vagina (almost always for sexual pleasure).

Running around in a circle (almost similar to the joy of little girls running around dat maypole) can take place for personal amusement.

The crudely based derivatives include:
Uni- (contraction of 'unicorn' in this case; not meaning 'one' or 'single')
Cycle (as in the specific arrangement of horn-to-ass positions, creating one continuous loop)
1.Upon seeing this unicycle, the man threw up and began fapping to the spectacle.

2.Boy: "Weirdest circus ever."

Girl: "Oh, I didn't get to see it. What was it like?"

Boy: "There was this -this... unicycle! A bunch of clowns were riding it, too!"

Girl: "That doesn't sound too bad, I mean, ALL of those clowns on one unicycle? What's so weird about that?"

Boy: "Y-you don't wanna know. I... I think I'll g-*hurk* -go and lie down for a little bit..."

Girl: "Huh, that's weird. I usually find unicycles to be arousing... Hehe, hornplay."
by Angel Bunny January 9, 2013
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A person who goes to extreme, ridiculous measures to be noticed.
Dude, did you see that guy with his multiple piercings?
Yeah, he's such a unicycler.
by the hand model April 13, 2007
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Noun. A person who cannot stop wheeling for fear of "falling over" in life. See wheeling.
High Schooler #1: Dude, that new kid is flirting with all of the girls.

High Schooler #2: I know he is a total unicycle.
by soccermaniac88 October 27, 2009
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