To arrive at a local event by any type of aircraft (helicopter, airplane) even though the destination is easily accessible by car, train, or even walking.
“You gonna take the train to the Barclays Center tonight?”
Fuck that noise bro, I’m totally gonna airway myself there because i have disposable income
by shifty hobo November 30, 2017
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The airline company that put Snoop Dogg on its "no-fly" list.
by king asshole September 8, 2006
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Jet airways committed suicide in April 2019 after when they ran into huge debts. They used cost-cutting methods like making the seat look like a child has shat on it and eaten the leather, make sure the planes are to the lowest of quality because I mean like idc about safety, they used the 737 max which caused them to die even further and they sprayed air freshener and it smelled like Indian aunties letting their kids run around the cabin and scream the entire 8 hour flight. The cabin crew really didn’t give a shit on how the passengers were behaving, so do what you want. But jet airways died in April 2019 so unfortunately I can’t do anything unless if they activate Jesus mode and come back to life
Rip jet airways u will always be missed jk
by Fuckindianairlines April 17, 2020
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British Airways are the flag carrier, and largest air line in the UK by fleet size.

British Airways crew have been stereotyped to work only two days per week, have the face of a horse and tell passengers to "fuck off" after any request, going so far as to hate Economy passengers for breathing
Air France crew: Oh you're British Airways, I thought I could hear somebody eating hay, how's you're hoofs?

Ba crew: Oh fuck off, go on fuck off
by CSD123 November 4, 2016
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The absolute worst airline in the U.S. to fly, known for bad customer service and routinely fininsh in the bottom of US carriers for quality. They rank as the single-worst airline for on-time departures, baggage, customer service issues and friendliness of employees.

The current US Airways is called "The New US Airways" after it was purchased by classier America West Airlines. The merger moved its corporate headquarters from northern Virginia to Tempe, AZ. US airways has the worst record for on-time departures because its hubs cities are known for constant delays: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington National, Boston and New York-La Guardia.
US Airways is the nations' 7th largest airline.
by December 3, 2007
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Nitish Airways is a mock of British Airways. It's posh, elegant and classy. Not to mention hassel free. It's website is launching soon so you can book tickets online!
I love Nitish Airways, it's so hassel free!
by Nitish Airways lover November 27, 2006
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The worst airline ever. They have a horrible website, the worst customer service, and can never seem to leave on time. Why not fly on United instead?
Man! I got robbed again on US Airways!
by pacomytaco24 January 5, 2007
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