Tracy McGrady is the best pure scorer in the NBA and a great passer and all around player too. The Houston Rockets with the one-two punch of tmac and yao ming are the team to beat in the nba. bobbie sura rules too. TMAC IS THE SAVIOR OF H TOWN BASKETBALL
Did you see Tracy McGrady last night?? Tmac dropped scored 13 points in 35 seconds on the spurs to win!!!
by Rockets Fan February 16, 2005
tracy Mcgrady is a champ. He was backstabbed by those piece of shit canadians.they released him, and he showed them
tracy mcragy is set to leave orlando.
by linden June 17, 2004
The Best player in the NBA better than Kobe, Shaq, and the faggot MVP Duncan he also carrys his team the Magic n should have been the MVP
Tracy McGrady Omg hes so much better than Kobe
by unknown May 9, 2003
Tracy McGrady the best player in the NBA way better than that little bitch Kobe Bryant n Tim Duncan n carrys his team the magic n also should have been the MVP
Tracy McGrady omg hes so much better than Kobe
by uknown May 9, 2003
a man who wants to win a playoff but cant take his crappy little team past the 1st round
Tracy McGrady could have won a playoff by now if he didnt stab his cousin in the back and stay with Toronto, they would be the hell good team
by B-Mount November 13, 2003