1. Chad Pennington as QB.
2. Fucking 2 girls in 24hrs.
3. Derek Tate in one of those girl's bushes.
4. Being better than you
by MCBackpack November 7, 2008
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the act of being so great, of doing something so well, that you are above a champion
Great job on your chores, Jay. You have achieved championshipness.
by bluminnatti August 22, 2020
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The relationship between 2 champions (like a friendship is the relationship between 2 friends)
Kevin and Cody are both Champions so there for they have a Championship
by izix1560 December 13, 2010
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Noun- mental state that requires a sports fan to be so absorbed in a game, that he or she believes they are affecting the outcome of the game. A person in championship mode demonstrates devotion to their team by remaining focused on the game and staying sober.
Note: championship mode should only be used for highly meaningful regular season games and postseason games.
Mike was intense at Saturday’s game. I’ve never heard anyone so loud and he threatened to kill a FSU fan. He was definitely in championship mode.
by mlmintampa October 17, 2006
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the apex level of hot women...only the finest of fine women fall into this category...consists of about 1% of the female population
I'm still not sure how the hell I pulled Missy, because she is championship level.
by Johnny Tats July 29, 2008
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A contest to determine the champion among a group of males who are either a: under the influence of some kind of drug, or b: in an alcohol induced state of competitiveness. The winner, as determined by the group watching the championship contest (who are obligated to judge impartially) wins the championship as determined by the contest.
After smoking marijuana in the Bun Shed, they decided Colin would jump down the snow covered hill first in the championship contest.
by Dr. Buns-a-lot January 9, 2006
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A football game every year where a lucky team gets to play the New England Patriots for a chance to play in yhe superbowl
"You watching the game tommorow"

"Yea, can't wait for the fucking patriots to win the AFC championships again"
by Patrick mahommes January 22, 2019
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