A very large cunt
that bitch has one huge cavern
by neti September 6, 2003
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Caverning is the practice of using an IV drip to fill a man's scrotum with saline solution, thus causing it to swell to enormous proportions.
I wasn't going to go down on him, but then when I saw how big and magnificent his caverned balls looked, I couldn't help myself.
by PoppyLand August 26, 2010
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Hollow and deepdeep surrounding
Jack: Ey yo, your mums mouth is cavernous

Ed: What you on about Bro?

Jack: Your mums mouth is so fucking hollow - she swallowed a train.

Ed: What the fuck! A train?

Jack: Yeah, my dick.
by Laurenk450 May 15, 2011
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Rather large and or wide set vagina! Extremely blown out and having no spikes.
Hunter was described by the homeboys as cavernous.
by There all gonna laugh at u March 27, 2020
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n: a vagina that likes to eat hard cock. Reasoning is that it's wet & dark in there and most vaginas crave the cock to swallow.
Timmy's penis went hard from seeing this fine ass bitch get naked. He then proceeded to take a chance & plunge his cock into her carnivorous cavern. After several medium paced strokes he burst a load in which the carnivorous cavern was craving the most. Now hopefully a walking ejaculation doesn't result or burning sensation.
by Trees DT November 2, 2011
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An extremely loose, gaping female vagina. Once your in past the lips of a cavern crotch, there is very little feeling or contact between the penis and the inner walls and is akin to being in a giant empty cave.
Roger dumped his girlfriend Sheila after he pounded her the first time and discovered she had a cavern crotch and felt nothing.
by Eaton Holgoode October 6, 2015
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A term used to describe a massively mangled colon. Deriving from the condition of the overused hole during male or femal anal intercourse. Sometimes getting so "battered" that said hole is left gaping and hanging.
Mary was saving herself for marriage, so the only way she could divulge in her lusty desires was to indulge in the anal intercourse. She was commonly bent over so much that she is almost a permanent hunch back.
In time, her ass turned into such a BATTERED CAVERN that we could hear echos when she farted.
by e-rips December 15, 2003
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