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Pharmaceuticals that work as an upper
Lyrics from 'Searching for Sugar Man': Silver magic ships you carry, jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane
by chezzo April 21, 2013
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(Popular in Alaskan fishing townes) Commonly refered to as a fish that is jumping, it is also the term that is used when a woman walks by that said fisherman would like to sleep with. The woman is refered to as a jumper because well, there arent that many chicks, and the dudes wanna jump her!
Jumper, 2 oclock!

Dude, shes hot!

Yes, totally alaska hot!
by carrickbender5150 June 27, 2012
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The British word for a sweater. In the United States, a jumper is a kind of dress or coverall.
In the Harry Potter books, Mrs. Weasley makes jumpers for her children.
by lesgles March 22, 2005
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1. Australian/British etc. for Sweater.

2. Someone who commits suicide by jumping from a high place, normally a tall buiulding. Can be used to describe someone who is about to jump, or someone who already has.

3. A jump shot in basketball.

4. A girl who constantly changes partners.
1. "Looks cold outside. Better put on a jumper."

2. "Oh oh, looks like we have a jumper on the roof."

3. "Wow! Did you see that jumper from the free throw line?

4. "Becky was with Micheal last week, now she's with Jason."
by sadistic_monkey July 08, 2006
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someone who can drink alcohol and continue drinking without getting drunk as they do it. Instead of gradually getting drunk they go from relatively sober to completely shitfaced

originating in MoCo
"Bro, by the 8th shot i was so done, but fred was still fine after his 8th. I fell asleep for a few seconds and then woke up and he became sooo drunk after and tried having sex with ashley! He's such a jumper!"
by CarriedAway February 20, 2012
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