Medical practice of healing small cuts or lacerations that doesn't require any professional training
Damn, son, I cuts myself. Go get the first aid.
by Javier Z. May 11, 2008
The type of bowel movement that will immediately make you feel better and alleviate whatever symptom you are suffering from.
I was feeling Hella rough this morning until I took a first aid shit, now I'm all good brah.
by Caught-Jester June 23, 2017
It will heal all of your health, and cure any viral infections you may have.
A zombie bit my jugular so I sprayed some First Aid Spray on it and I felt better.
by Malofa June 22, 2011
Adult sex toy(s) usually kept in the stowaway compartment in the back of a 30-something soccer mom's station wagon or SUV.
She was looking a little indifferent until I went out to fetch her first aid kit.
by PayPhoneGuy October 22, 2006
A mexican first aid kit is composed of a 5th of tequila ,vicks vapor rub,and a virgin mary candle.
Wow a pharmacy next to a liquor store two perfect places to create the ideal Mexican first aid kit
by Willsituate42 November 6, 2017