Legendary song by CupcakKe, it slaps but u should neva listen to it in public. You can acc preform CPR to the song CPR since it got 103BPM
Person 1:yo what did y'all do last night * wink

Person 2: oh yh "I saved dick by giving it CPR"
by CUppakace November 11, 2021
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The sexual act where a female or male performs the standard CPR procedure on another person's dick. The standard involves 30 pumps followed by 2 blows. Repeat the process until they cum (spitting up water like a drowned victim).
Guy: "so could I get a blow job tonight?"
Girl: "I'm not entirely up for that, but I'll give your dick some CPR"
by AceRinggold March 7, 2014
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CPR also know as
Some kid: *drowning
Guy2: Dont worry i know cpr, Child paddleboat racing
Guy1: good luck hiding the body
by Flopmaster June 27, 2020
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Yes, CPR saves lives, but most of the time both people aren't good looking and in love.
by Jeshicka August 12, 2006
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Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect
It is the logo found on some (?) NYPD (New York Police Department) vehicles.
-You know the slogan of the NYPD?
-Yeah, it's easy. CPR, meaning Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect
by dunnothing December 30, 2011
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Short for Cock to Pussy Resuscitation. Saving a dying pussy with a healthy dose of dick.
I thought she was dying so a gave her a little CPR. Turns out she just needed some dick.
by ReTodd November 12, 2010
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