A university in Milwaukee that is much better now that the prick who wrote the first definition left.
Where do you go? Marquette? Isn't that school great? I agree.
by Bob Wild August 13, 2007
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The best city on earth. Located in Mi. not cheesehead land!
Marquette Mi
by Sheik23 August 18, 2011
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He is a really nice person. He respects woman and can be an amazing friend. Yes even though he can... Be a little horny, he is a very respecting, funny person. He also loves alot his family, he loves his mother very truly, he respects her. If you pick a fight with him he will deny it, he only fight for good or when you make him mad. He is very handsome, he's curly brown and black hair, he's skin so soft, he's hand so warm and safe. He respects your feelings. If your he's girlfriend you have a good man.
Her: Aw he's so nice I think I have a crush on him

Him: yeah bro! Marquette so cool! He's a really cool person he can get the girls ;)
by That one girl😅 October 9, 2018
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A male name. One of the rarest male names in the United states.
Hi my name is Marquette
by Marq jackson February 21, 2017
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The biggest city in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

1. Home to the biggest population of Swedish wannabes in America
2. Also home to the most thots in America. Puts the hoes of LA to shame

3. Lots of tourists come to see the blonde thots shake their ass on Miners Beach, although they claim they only came to see the unique architectural style of the lighthouses
4. The local high school has enough stuck up rich white girls to last a lifetime

5. Men here don’t know how to please women so most females under the age of 40 are virgins
Oh you’re from Marquette? I’m sorry for your loss
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Marquette is home to the biggest thots in America. The girls of Marquette all developed scoliosis for sticking their asses so far out. Don’t even get me started on the hoe guys. If you live in Marquette. Leave. It’s toxic.
Hey those Marquette bitches looking thick
by Negaunee hoe June 16, 2019
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usually a relaxed person with a goal. this person is cute,nice, and is a good convesation starter. he or she is a really good kisser and loves to be in relationships.
Look at marquette is'nt she so hot?
by geekiequeen April 10, 2009
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