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meaning: Gentaleman or lion man.
A naturally handsome male who is carring and respects others, somtimes naturrally strong also honest
the Leandro Man is kind and will help anyone who is down
by Chickensandwich13 April 29, 2009
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From the Greek Λεανδρος (Leandros) which means "lion of a man" from Greek λεων (leon) "lion" and ανδρος (andros) "of a man".

In Greek legend Leander was the lover of Hero. Every night he swam across the Hellespont to meet her, but on one occasion he was drowned when a storm arose. When Hero saw his dead body she threw herself into the waters and perished.
by kalanirobb June 30, 2009
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Leandros are living Gods on Earth. They are few and far in between. If you ever see one make sure you worship them properly or you will face their wrath. They are also loyal and trust worthy to those they care about.
Michela was blinded the glory of a Leandro one morning as he passed by.
by The Cuban God October 04, 2017
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If you're lucky enough to meet a Leandro in your lifetime, don't let him go: for Leandros are hard to come by: they're handsome, bearded, tattooed man-gods.
Jonathan has a Leandro. He's a lucky lucky man. All his friends wish they had a Leandro too.
by TheBonafideMan October 25, 2016
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