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Where all the hot wealthy girls go. They have a castle, its amazing. The girls are blonde, tan, and skinny. Everyone wishes they could go to Maryvale. NDP is their rival, but they can't even compare. Maryvale girls know how to have fun. They go to parties every weekend. They will all go to a college that is most likely one of the best colleges and then marry rich men and not work. They generally date boys from Loyola, Calvert Hall, and St. Pauls. Their sexy as hell.
Loyola Guy: Oh where do you go to school?
Maryvale Girl: Maryvale.
Loyola Guy: Want to go out?
by Dons '11 November 14, 2010
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A ghetto place where every student goes when they slack or are behind. You will graduate no matter how dumb your are due to the fact that they dont give a fuck. Also the place to send your daughter if you want her to get pregnant and the place to send your son if you want him to become gay. This place is full of fags and hoes!
by Kicks nicks October 15, 2016
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