Darius is one of those people you can depend on.A Darius could be your best friend to the point that you could feel like siblings. A Darius is handsome,loving,caring,honest,and happy at most times unless aggravated.Darius is the best advice giver,a good motivator,and a very good person to to tell secrets with.Darius is truthful person who doesn’t like lies people tell.Darius will love you or hate you.Darius is not likely with friends because He cuts them off quick if they are fake.Darius is the most amazing ,charming person that you could ever meet.He will always love you no matter what y’all go through.He will always comfort you even if it’s a little awkward.When you first meet Darius he seems shy,but once you get to know him you can tell he isn’t shy at all.
by Amanik8 March 9, 2019
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Darius is a fun, loving, caring ,friend. he is very athletic and loves sports. He is a risk taker and is good at everything he does.He can give good advice, He can also have special talents. He can also be very funny at times. He tries to help people in the things he is great at and he usually wins lots of things,(Awards,trophies,certificates). Everybody knows Darius. and everybody likes him. he is not the smartest but pretty smart. He is the best person in the world and is good looking
by Flabby Chicken October 27, 2016
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Darius is a male given name. Etymologically it is the English transliteration of the Persian name Dariush, meaning "he possesses" or "rich and kingly". It can be pronounced as either də-RY-əs or dair-EE-əs. The name also has another meaning: "He who holds firm to good."
by darknigga1122345 November 27, 2016
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An intelligent and manipulative person. A Darius will have wisdom and sexual prowess far beyond those of someone who has lived many lifetimes, usually ignoring the ignorant and those not worthy of life. Considered highly dangerous, a Darius will know your thoughts before you do. A Darius will be hedonistic, relentless, and above all unpredictable. DO NOT attempt to make contact with a Darius if not prepared.
"Is Darius coming here?!" -Jack
"He should be here within the hour." -John
"Alert everyone." -Jack
"Get the damned guns, Army, Police, Anyone!" -Jack
"It's too late for us" -John
by hellokitty911 November 28, 2009
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Black ass nigga that can make you fall in love with him easily. He is sexy, funny, annoying and tall asf.
Get like Darius.
by olaffffffff🎒 November 27, 2017
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Cocky, usually always get girls to have sex with him
OMG he is such a darius

he pull a darius on me
by Young BK May 15, 2008
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A Darius is a caring, loving, and wise person. A Darius gives the best advice and always seems to know the right things to say to cheer you up. He has a lot of friends, very social. He may come off as being overly weird or annoying, but when you get to know him, he's hilarious. A Darius is a genuine and also blunt person. He gives his honest opinion, which can make him sound mean at times. He's really nice. He gets misunderstood. He's overly truthful and hates when people lie to him. He likes to help people. A Darius is hardworking and usually very talented. A Darius Can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
Darius is very kind
He gives good advice, like Darius
Darius has so many friends
by Straight Like That December 12, 2013
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