one of the best people you'll ever meet. she seems awkward and a little crazy at first but when you get to know her she has a bomb ass personality and is a great friend. daniella is stunningly gorgeous. this italian girl is literally one of the most beautiful girls in the world. she accepts almost everyone's friendship, but you have to be really special to get with her. don't piss off a daniella. if you mean something to her then she'll forgive you, but won't forget. if you piss off one of her friends, she'll never like you. that's another great thing about her. she's insanely loyal and will fight for you any time. you would expect her to be a classic mean popular girl, but she's not. she's loved by everyone, but she isn't vain and doesn't treat anyone badly. all i can even say is damn. anyone would be lucky to have daniella.
Guy #1: Who's that model standing over there?
Guy #2: She's not a model that's just Daniella.
Guy #1: Damn bro.
Guy #2: Ikr.
by Banom July 24, 2017
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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet in your life. Once you meet a Daniella you'll never want to let her go. She is so weird but that's even more the reason you'll want to be around her. She is and amazing person always keep her around, because she is so funny and nice😊
Giann: Wow, I just met a Daniella! She's so amazing! I just asked her out!
Christian: wow man! You beat me to it😑
by Senpoo123 August 9, 2016
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This person is fucking amazing. She can make you smile anytime of day. She will make you laugh until you cry. So adorable beyond compare of any imagination can comprehend. A beautiful person that is smarter than you think and will brighten your life up. The prettiest girl you will ever meet. Has so many friends and is super popular. The nicest person you will ever meet. So much fun to hang out with and kisses amazingly. I love you Daniella.
guy: OMG who is that girl?
guy 2: That's Jill
guy: that girl is almost as pretty as Daniella
guy 2: No, she's not even close to Daniella
by kenyounot December 15, 2013
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1. A girl with so much love and would always want to have fun 2. An athletic woman 3. The most beautiful woman in the world
Man, she so.... Daniella
by cothgudk November 25, 2015
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Daniella is an amazing girl. She is the best friend you can ever have, don't let her go. She hides her sadness to not effect others. She is always there for u through everything! she loves to sing and has a very creative side to her, she hopes to marry a successful guy, don't doubt her cause she will. Be there for her because she will do anything for you. She has an amazing personality that will make you laugh 24/7. No words can describe how amazing she is.
person 1: "hey is that Daniella?"
person 2: "yeah she's my best friend and the most amazing girl EVER!"
person 1: "wow i want a Daniella in my life"
person 2: "yeah, she's pretty amazing"
by bdolan May 18, 2018
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A girl that has a very different personality.
Sometimes she never realizes what is in front of her, she has very many friends. Not many Bestest Friends, but her bestest friends are the big part of her life. She is a very energetic, and happy person most of the time. But when something hits her hard, she doesnt see it in a very good way. She always assums the worst, and gets angry fast. When she is older, or old enough, she wants to find the typical perfect guy. (Always be there until there old, cute, amazing smile, ect.) She is a very beautiful, and intelligent girl, she is very smart, and has a very strong artistic side to her (musically to). She always shines the brightest and never gives up trying.
Kenny:Hey guess what dude!
Kenny:I met this new girl
Kenny: Yeah her name is Daniella!
Carlos: Dude Daniella is so hot and cool.
Kenny: i know!

Carlos: i want a daniella!!

Kenny: ill introduce
Carlos: YES!:)
by D.A.E.M April 3, 2010
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Daniella is this kind of girl who keeps everything to herself, very private person with a very private life once she gets completely comfortable and confident around u she won’t stop talking as in i would say.. as soon as you get close and gain her trust and prove to her that you are the shit, you will win her heart, but if you want that friendship to stay connected, don't mess things up, she knows a lot, especially from previous relationships and friendships, she is easy to annoy, very short tempered gives out the biggest idgaf attitude even if it bothers her she’s that type of person who will always be there for u as-long as u return the same energy back.. she’s loves music can do well if she’s well motivated will try her best to keep her close one’s happy .. very stupid at times with very stupid choices.. she that type of person who’s been thru hell and back but always tries her best to put on a smile she don’t like showing people her vulnerable side can give out good advices .. hates being attached to people knowing how it turns out in the end.. even after everything that has happened she’ll always try to forgive and forget she’s that type of person who’ll love you for you she’ll support u so much theres alot more to say about this girl but all and all she’s an amazing person (:
There’s Daniella let’s go say hi
by Ich liebe dich / Mahal Kita November 21, 2021
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