Nov 23 Word of the Day
A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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An amazing guy. He is smarter than most people and he probably will take over the world. Will start world war 3
All hail Denys
by LLLenin May 01, 2019
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a doll. the most beautiful girl you will ever come in contact with, on the face of the planet. heart of gold, and warmth. just someone that you wouldnt mind spending all of your days with.
wow, deny is such a kind soul !
by kaitfromq January 10, 2019
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A very caring and loving friend. A Denys is an adventurous friend and who is always up for a little craziness. A Denys has a good sense of style and knows how to combine his outfits. Furthermore a Denys is barely serious, always loves to laugh and to joke around when possible.
I want to be a Denys one day, because I do not know how to combine my clothes.

I need some Denys in my life.

I wish all my friends were Denys's
by nemotheclown November 28, 2018
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one or more peoples who take part in the noble and disgusting art of kitten killing. The killing of kittens is usually done by a Denys late at night and in private. A Denys will kill up to three bucket loads of kittens before the night is done.
"Denys kills kittens"
"Denys goes home at night and kills kittens."
by Mark Boadway April 10, 2007
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Denys.... ooof. He is the most amazing guy you will ever meet. Everyone wants a Denys in their life. He is so sexy and strong that every girl falls in love him him. The most amazing parts of his personality is how dedicated he is, how funny, and smart he is. He makes everything look so easy from lifting heavy weights and solving the hardest problems in life. He’s always there for you on your hardest times. However he does have his moments where he is stubborn and quite, sometimes even selfish. But, he is still a keeper. To even his crystal blue eyes, looking into them you feel like you are falling in love. Even when he’s a heartbreaker he’s still the best. He’s also in tough guy, he will keep his problems to himself and always seem as though life is all great. And did I mention how hot he is? One of th hottest guys out there.
Girl: “look at him he makes everything look so good”
Friend: “ you like him”

Girl: “ look at those biceps”

Friend: “ I know right”

Girl: “ why does Denys have to be so hot”
by Truespeaker January 18, 2018
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