a doll. the most beautiful girl you will ever come in contact with, on the face of the planet. heart of gold, and warmth. just someone that you wouldnt mind spending all of your days with.
wow, deny is such a kind soul !
by kaitfromq January 10, 2019
She is a deny for doing that
by annoynobous August 9, 2020
An amazing guy that's easy to fall in love with and totally knows what he's got. Confident and driven, he will take over the world.
Denis is lovable and amazing.
by angie O edema July 8, 2018
A hot guy that everyone, especially preteen/teen girls, go after. Prone to being called ‘daddy’ by the people who go after him.
Girl 1: Denis is so sexy and hot!
Girl 2: I know right!
Girl 1: I want him to choke me and make me call him ‘daddy
Girl 2: That would be nice
Girl 1: It would
by iimistyy May 5, 2018
Denis is known as a very energetic, crazy, silly guy. Once you get this guy hyped up it’s hard to control. Don’t get me wrong though he is crazy, he is also hilarious and can make you laugh until you cry.
did you see that crazy kid, Denis, last night?
by woahhhh2568 November 24, 2019
A smart funny guy who also has a jerkish personality he's handsome and you would be lucky to date him. He's normally a short guy with a big heart.
He's funny but mean definitely a Denis
by randomchic101 July 30, 2016