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Olivia is an awesome girl that is super pretty and she is kind hearted.If you ever meet a Olivia you will like her trust me just like I do.She is probably the best girlfriend that you will ever have.#Awesome
Olivia's are very pretty
by Gman Plays October 01, 2016
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The prettiest, most caring girl (but doesn't show it) ever. When you have an Olivia be happy. Once you find her don't let anything come between you and her.
OMG I met a girl name Olivia and now I am blessed
by ******J June 08, 2016
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Okay, Olivia, I define "Olivia" as someone who works hard. Someone who always has a smile on her face, but sadly even though it probably is convincing, it most likely isn't real. Olivia's go through a lot of shit, and they maintain to keep everyone believing that they're happy.

They've been through hell, but give everyone the belief that they came from heaven.

They have a lot of heart, energy, feelings, and problems. Olivia's are like a jig-saw puzzle, but in 5-D, yes 5-D, not 4-D, or even 3-D. Definitely someone to keep an eye on because she is going through a lot of shit and nobody deserves to be alone, so just be there for her when her walls break down.

Someone who can be very childish, also humorous and funny.
Curses A LOT, a whole fucking lot if you catch my drift.
She is always wanting to help everyone

She's independent, she doesn't rely on anyone and she intends to keep it like that because she doesn't intend on getting hurt again. If there's a problem in her life, she handles it without help.

Someone who is EXTREMELY underestimated. She is seen as an angel, and nobody sees her horns because her self-control hides them
Situation 1:
P 1: Woah have you seen Olivia?
P 2: Yeah, she looked as energetic as usual, why?
P1: Her mom was just yelling about how bad of a daughter she is...

Situatioin 2:
P 1: Hey, where's Olivia?
P 2: She said she had to go the bathroom, alone though, why?
P 1: Her dad just got in a car accident...

Situation 3:
P 1: Hey Olivia
Olivia: HIIIII, how are you?

P 1: I'm fine
Olivia: Pinky promise?
P 1: No.
Olivia: I knew you weren't okay! Let me listen.
P 1: K.

Situation 4:
Olivia: How are you?
P 1: My life has just been shitty lately.
Olivia: Let me be your toilet paper.

Situation 5:
Olivia: I need to be right back, I forgot something...
P 1: Oh okay.
*Olivia leaves*
P 2: Hey, you're missing the fight, you'll never guess who's in it
P 1: Who?
P 2: Olivia and some other tough person, and Olivia is winning.

Situation 6:
Just a situation to say, if you hate my definition, sucks for you <3 this came from an Olivia, no I'm kidding, but seriously I asked an Olivia to define herself truthfully and this is what I got. And we're like BFFs,
by sealeons February 26, 2015
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all that is good in the world, she is the most perfect person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. charming, pretty, and funny, once you first meet her she is the only girl you will ever think about. from her shining eyes to her sexy legs, olivia controls all men without even realizing it. like sugar kane, she is the sweetest girl, undeniably romantic and innocent, a passionate lover. every kiss will lead you further into her grasp. although she may feel unconfident, she is a professional in every way. even her smallest actions can be seen from space, but its a good thing the astronauts arent watching otherwise theyd lose control of their ship. upon entering the room, one word comes to the mind of all men present: damn. she truly has it all--looks, intelligence, and personality. she is untouchable for all except the people she chooses to let inside. many will misjudge olivia, but only those who take the time to get to know her will be rewarded with her friendship. but be warned-- once she has hold of you, you will never want to be with anyone else for she is perfect.
she's an olivia, you better get used to it
by stefrano July 11, 2011
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The most amazing, supportive, loyal, and sudductive girl you'll ever meet. She is gorgeous and super smart. She is outgoing and accepting. She is suductive in a way that none of the other girls are. She thinks she is ugly and doesn't see the immense beauty everyone around her sees.

If you find yourself an Olivia. You might just be in for the best thing to ever happen to you.
"Hey, who in the world was that. I've never seen anyone like her."
"That's liv, she's sweet and loyal, and an undercover freak. If you land her, never let her go"

The definition of Olivia is amazing.
by Luca 123 December 18, 2016
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Olivia is one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest, and most random, honest and considerate person in the world. I love her too death for so many different reasons. One of those reasons is that she doesn't lower herself too other people's level when they stupidly make judgements on her without knowing her. In fact Olivia's are often so gorgeous and amazing that people make rude and harsh comments because they get so jealous of how perfect Olivia's seem. Olivia's are very intelligent and will always be there to make you smile and give you a confidence boost when your feeling upset. She's a great girl and she needs a great guy because anyone would be lucky to have her. I love her too the moon x infinity and back, you should too.
P.S. If I hear one more person talking bad about Olivia I am going to scream and punch a hole in the wall. Lay the frick off. If you're talking crap about her you obviously don't know her. No matter how many walls she might put up, her life is not perfect, nobody's is. The last thing Olivia needs is for anyone to lower her self esteem. Olivia is great girl and if you don't agree with that its your problem not hers, so shut the frick up because your opinion doesn't matter.
Guy 1: I wish Olivia was my girlfriend
Guy 2: Yeah, but an amazing girl like that would never go for a guy like me.
Guy 3: If I only had the courage to ask her out.
Guy 4: Me too.
Guy 5: Me three. But she's so beautiful I know she wouldn't say yes.
Guy 6: And talk about smart!
Guy 7: Olivia is so WONDERFUL!!!
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This is the girl that would take you in even after you broke her heart. She has the most kind hearted soul, shes perfect in every way. She sings, she dances, she acts, and ...She doesnt belive me every time i tell her shes amazing or perfect. I dont love anyone else like her. Shes everything i could ask for and more.
Damn i wish i had an Olivia..
by herloverboy November 30, 2010
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