Olivia’s sense of self is one of her greatest traits.
Though she likes to talk, she can be a surprisingly good listener. She’ll remember what you’ve said and the way you said it. Olivia has a mind like a steel trap. But as she hates it when other people spill secrets and she would never treat you that way.

She’s known for being brutally honest. Don’t ask her questions if you don’t want to hear the truth.

Olivia loves to laugh and to make other people laugh - lucky for you, she has an innate ability to do so. Even just the faces she makes sometimes are hilarious.
She’s also a people-pleaser. She feels the need to come across as happy and funny all the time because that’s what everyone likes, and dislikes being venerable and opening up.

Olivia has many acquaintances but few friends. She’s friendly to everyone that crosses her path.
That being said, if you give Olivia any reason to hate you, it’s almost impossible to regain her favor. She loves her true friends more than anything.

Olivia hates asking for help. She feels she can take on the world by herself. To help her, you must be very subtle.

In conclusion, Olivia’s a complex but lovable person. She’s funny and pretty, sweet and spicy, and deeply feeling. Her nonchalant attitude can often come across as not caring, but Olivia’s actually sensitive. If you know an Olivia, let her know you care often and she’ll never let you go.
man, I wish I was an Olivia.
by reallyfiretoes December 17, 2018
Olivia has a beautiful personality . You can listen to her talk all day long. She has eyes unlike any other, and it is a common fact that she has gorgeous, curly hair. She's super attractive. She is also very smart and hardworking. She is nice, respectful, and has a genuine concern for everyone and everything. She's a keeper.
Person 1-"Wow........I think I just saw an angel walk by."
Person 2-"No, that was just Olivia"

Person 1-while typing** "What's a synonym for perfect?"
Person 2-"Olivia."

Person 1-"I hate everyone!!!"
Person 2-"You should meet Olivia."
by Scrappy Steve May 2, 2016
Beautiful person all around. She has a smile that lights up the room and sparkling eyes. There isn't very many people like her so don't let her go once she's yours. She has a hard time trusting people who have hurt her in the past. Great friend to everyone and there for anyone who needs her. Loves to party and is good at it too. Usually very talented and smart
That's Olivia over there
by Freako12 December 17, 2013
Olivia’s are kind hearted people, they never fail to light up the room with their smile. They are so kind, and show positivity everywhere they go. Olivia’s love the outdoors and animals, they are animal lovers for sure. They are amazing friends, they will always be there for you without hesitation. They are super hilarious, they have a wacky sense of humor and are kind of afraid to show it because they don’t want people finding them weird. Olivia’s tend to like the nickname “liv”, idk why they just do. As all Olivia’s know they all go through hard times, but they get through it. They try to live their best life and will definitely succeed in the future because of how hard working and creative they truly are.
Olivia is so cool!
by bingbongchinglong May 21, 2019
An amazing girl! She's trustworthy, pretty, intelligent, kind, and hilarious. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.
She's a beautiful girl with an amazing body. She's charismatic, sophisticated and powerful. But she can also be very weird and crazy.
Laughs at her own jokes.
She's incredibly smart, has a way with words and is a great listener. She loves helping people with their personal problems.

She doesn't take shit. She's gonna catch your shit and throw it back at your face. Do NOT get in her bad side. She doesn't like being surrounded by many people, so if you're close to her, she considers you very special.

She's pretty tall with adorable hands and the cutest feet!
She's the kind of person who eats a whole pizza by herself and not gain weight. Like, what?
She doesn't like olives, unless they're in her martini.

She's a very special girl.

An elegant name for an elegant girl.
You're lucky if you know an olivia. She's ana amazing friend, and an amazing lover. Very passionate and romantic. Unless you get on her bad side.
She can be shy and sophisticated, but can also be SO badass.

She's extremely talented and artsy. Very good at sports as well.
She truly has it all. Looks, brains, personality. If you know an Olivia, cherish her.
Emily: "oh look! It's Olivia!"
Sara: "she's my sister."
Emily: "I wish I were close to an Olivia!"
by Heartonmysleeve December 17, 2014
Olivia is an awesome girl that is super pretty and she is kind hearted.If you ever meet a Olivia you will like her trust me just like I do.She is probably the best girlfriend that you will ever have.#Awesome
Olivia's are very pretty
by Gman Plays September 28, 2016
She is a great person to talk to and she can be a wonderful Internet friend. She is a kind and beautiful girl ♥ She is so funny and loves pizza! Olivias are mostly brunette. She is such a sweetie pie and keep her forever as a friend cause she can change your life...
O - liv - ia , it kind of sounds like I - love - her.

She is such an Olivia!

> She is such a {definition above}
by SprinkleShade December 26, 2016