In gay sex, a blouse is a nickname for a feminine, nelly queen who happens to be a top.
"You're such a queen, there's no way you could be a top," I beg to differ... I'm a blouse!
by Albolene November 13, 2013
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A really femmie gay guy who fancies himself as the top in man to man sex.
Check out the skinny guy with the waxed eyebrows and the cartoonish voice, my gay buddy says he thinks hes a top...what a blouse.
by EricInChi January 9, 2005
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1920's, To leave quickly, to take the air.
Not another waltz! C'mon, Mabel, ler's blouse!
by Bob Proczko October 16, 2006
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1 - A New Mini from BMW.

2 - an article of female clothing, akin to the male shirt
1 - haha he's driving a blouse.

2 - Oooo what a smashing blouse you are wearing.
by Kuthula June 8, 2004
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1. messed up or confusing
2. to be intoxicated
3. to finish something
1. Everyone was naked when I got there; it was the most bloused thing I had ever seen.
2. I was way too bloused to drive.
3. After that J we bloused off all of Schneitzel's chips.
by murdoc 1 April 27, 2007
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Phrase often said in reply to a statement found false or believed to be false.
"She thought that she looked cute with that top on? Blouse!"
by Missa20 September 5, 2012
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1. When someone is browsing, or looking at women's blouses with the intention to stare at breasts. Usually done by teenagers at the mall.
Cute girl in the record store: "May I help you"
Guy: "No thank you just blousing (as he looks at her chest)"
by tlaloc24 March 21, 2005
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