A: What's inside that package
B: Just some plastic bags, paper ... type shit.
by XylaAlyx December 1, 2021
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It's like tying your shoe type shit.
Lenny: As soon as my dad puts down his cigarette he picks up another one.

Me: That's some John Wayne type shit.
by Starvingmidget December 15, 2010
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just something someone can say for any sort of situation
"yo u got them new kicks!? type shit!!"
"u heard that guy jarome died last week? type shit..."
"*insert funny/unfunny joke here*" "type shit!"
by lovets September 23, 2023
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A colloquial term that is used in conjunction with a phrase, idiom, verb or adjective to quickly summarize a given scenario.
I looked for that dude all day, then my boy called me and told me where to find him so of course I pulled up on some "yo ima beat your ass" type shit.

Marcus came to school thinking he was fly, on some "I got some new shoe" type shit.

My girl always wants to start shit, she'll be on some "who you texting" type shit.
by H4V0K_864x August 27, 2018
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A phrase my friends say in snapchats but use incorrectly.
Jasmine and Mia: Type Shittttt
Me: that’s not how it works you don’t just say type shit. You have to say something before it like “hamburger type”—
Jasmine and Mia: TYPE SHIT!!!!
by Sanjobanjo December 21, 2019
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