Beautiful country, beautiful girls, great accent, nice people, good taste, cool spots and a really bad president
by Mauricio Pita December 31, 2004
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See Hunger for similar definitions, with a Platain as president.
Man Venezuela is so tucked up
Pudrete Maduro hijo de puta!
by ColombianJerk February 15, 2019
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Amazing Kick ass country in south america , Hot girls , hot Guys and Nice food , also a party country , everyone loves to party alcohol is so easy to get , and you can go clubing anywhere i you find your fake "Cedula" (ID) is so cool also is a beautiful place to take pictures , people is warm kind and hot
Dude I wen To Venezuela last month I got so fucked uo with Anis
There is nothing better than "Polar beer"
by Manuela February 14, 2005
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It's a beautiful country located in south american, with one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Venezuela is the best place to party and have some fun.
Beautiful beaches,mountains (with snow! :O) and it has a beautiful desert called "Los Medanos De Coro".
Venezuela also has one of the tallest waterfalls called the Angel Falls or "El Salto Del Angel"
Part of the amazon is in Venezuela

it's current president is an asshole called chavez , he is a corrupt leader who wants to be like Fidel. He is stealing all of Venezuelas money, and everyone hates him , he does not admit that the majority doesn't want him. He cheats every-time there is an election but next time there one the people are gonna kick his ass

The Venezuelan president sucks "Chavez es una mierda" Chavistas abran los ojos antes de que el aniamal destruya a venezuela.
by ulusion March 26, 2009
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The most beautiful country in the world, with the most beautiful beaches. Lovely accent, and lovely people. In Venezuela, you find the hottest and kindest people in this world. Venezuela is known as a very happy country.
- hey! have you been to venezuela?
- yeah dude! it's the most beautiful country in this world!
by andreac123 January 27, 2012
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A country lead by Carl Marks that kills 100 billion people a year and no IPhones. Yet people still think communism is cool!
Communist: I'm a communist

Capitalist: But Venezuela no Iphones 100 quantillion dead
by Supreme Leader of Fucking March 20, 2021
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