Shawty in my way means, like a best friend you're very close with. Yall don't care what other people think and you act very gay around each other.
Hey shawty what ya doing?
Heyyyy shawty
Shawty I love you
by saammmyy May 15, 2021
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shawty is a litlle dog, also called pit-bull... in france.
Look at my shawty! it is pissing on that cop..
by Souf da frenchie July 29, 2003
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A annoying ass thing a certain person calls everyone in a group chat
Me: hello
Certain person: hello shawty's
by The REAL Johnny Joestar June 19, 2021
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What you say when you have nothing to say.
"Uhhh.... Shawty"
by Worddefiner3000 May 5, 2016
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A Shawty is a savage Indian guy who typically likes girls who have sketchers on. Just recently featured in a song “sketchers”, all the girls dig Shawty but he has a big crush on one.
Shawty bad with the sketchers on”
by Drip Report Fan June 1, 2020
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An idiotic term used by ass-hats to describe an attractive young female.
Yo shawty u wanna kick it at da club wit me?
by Akbar-Man August 1, 2010
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