The great man who paved the way for action movies and was the inventor of the one liner.

Known to many as simply: "The Duke".

He starred in such great movies as The Alamo, The War Wagon, True Grit, and many, many more.
John Wayne could have worn high heels, a flowered dress, and makeup and still have been eight times the man you are.

"The other day, I ate four Baked Potatoes while watching a John Wayne movie. It was one of the manliest nights of my life."
by Bythorsbeard January 20, 2005
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His alternate name is called "The Duke". He is THE MAN when it comes to western movies, accept no other substitute. EXCEPT for Clint Eastwood
"John Wayne isnt dead, hes frozen! Have any of you ever taken a cold shower? Okay, multiply that by 150,000,000 and thats how mad the Duke is gonna be whenever he wakes up and finds out whats happening today."

- Dennis Leary
by Not Zane September 10, 2004
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"John Wayne" is the term often used to describe the toilet paper issued in the compo rations kit in the military. This is due to the fact that he was "Rough, tough, and he took no shit fron nobody!"
I've got cracking ring sting today, that John Wayne ain't no Andrex!
by alanthepoo October 16, 2005
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The penultimate Western actor who kicks ass! He is also famous for his radical, ridiculous right-wing politics.
John Wayne is kick ass.
by Gdiddy361 December 8, 2004
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Marijuana. Specifically, a significant quantity of high-grade, or sinsemilla, especially for personal use.
"Yo D, you pick up today?"

"Yeah, I got dat John Wayne, mang." (Displays cigarette case containing a dozen fat, dank joints)
by Grabes February 16, 2007
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The "John Wayne" maneuver occurs when you and a male friend are both engaging in vigorous sexual intercourse with a female (one for each of you) in the position commonly known as "doggy-style". One of you is the cowboy, the other is the Indian. Immediately before ejaculation, you both withdraw your penises and shoot your load at each other. The first one to be hit by a drop of semen is the loser, rendering the winner "John Wayne".
I John Wayne'd Tony, and now he has to wash his eye out with soap.
by KinkMaztaFlash September 6, 2004
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Verb. To Stick your chin in the air, feel the stubble, and let people know who you are. Lets people know how much better you are than them.

Not to be confused with sticking your nose in the air. The Chin lets people know your important.
I John Wayned the Dr. the day I came out of my mom's Vagina. I looked at him and said put me back.

by John Wayning September 6, 2008
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