A question that has a right and wrong answer
gang member: Where you from nigga
person: I'm from the west side
gang member: Wrong answer mothafucka (shoots person)
by Dubiks December 19, 2018
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Something gang members ask to see where other gang members are from,

NEVER be in one City and Represent another.
Gang Member:Where you from?

Some Guy:Same place your from.

Gang Member:You bang?

Some Guy:I wish.

At this point it might be a good idea to buy the Gang Member a beer.
by BIG DADDY DOUGH July 16, 2006
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"Where the fuck u from dogg??"
no where homie i dont bang foo

by yo man February 21, 2003
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gang memeber say this to see what gang the other person is in.
aye nigga where you from
hell yea nigga west side barrio 18st gang
by 18stgangmember November 27, 2016
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A phrase used by Gang Members to verbally identify other Gang Members. Either friendly, or hostile.
Hey, where you from?

I'm from hell for you Homie. Families. Orange Grove Street Families.
by CeeJay!!! March 3, 2007
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a verb to describe an action where someone asks you 'where are you from'. It may have been a perfectly polite and legitimate question once upon a time, or in a sci fi series. In the era where we know for a fact we are one species, in an era of multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, but also xenophobia and rampant anti-migrant/anti-refugee sentiments, racism and Brexit/Trumpism..., it is rude for any person with an IQ above a pizza to ask 'where are you from?'. Where-are-you-fromming is often used to imply you do not really belong wherever you are, make remarks on your accent, mock your linguistic skills, physical appearance (e.g. skin colour), or to embarass/intimidate you, especially if you are a cosmopolitan/anationalist/anti-nationalist person or someone who does not care where a person is from which is an increasingly complex question to answer
I went to a pub and straight after asking me about my name, he where-are-you-fromed me. I said Colwyn Bay, but he was not taking it for an answer. To shut him up, I insisted I do not believe in nationalities or nationalism, because they only bring misery and death to this world. Where-are-you-fromming just makes me sick.
by arlanda March 14, 2023
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