Used when one hasn't got the words nor the intellect to finish off a sentence or an instruction
We need to test Workflow and shit like that
by boobloo May 9, 2008
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The state of having extreme diarrhea. The art of peeing out of your asshole.
Boss: "Are you coming into work today, Bud?"
Joey: "I'm not going to make it today, Boss. I got ahold of some bad street tacos last night and I'm shitting like a goose this morning."
by #1SMTX August 23, 2015
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1.)Defecating in a violent, uncontrollable manner that upon completion leaves one feeling weakened, unstable on their feet, and possibly light headed.

2.)Taking a devilish delight in defecating including, but not limited to: turning and looking upon the feces (hopefully located in a toilet bowl) with disgust and satisfaction; hoping the person in the next stall is gagging on the resulting stench; and loudly emitting moans or grunts that could be taken for either pleasure or pain by those close enough to overhear.
I need to sit down for a minute because I just finished shitting like a demon and now I'm dizzy.
by EmaHumongous305 April 27, 2011
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Taking a dump with a massive amount of poop. This term usually doesn't apply to a quick power poop with only a couple of small turds.
After the big supper I ate last night my first priority was to shit like a racehorse this morning.
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to make a super sized wookie tird.
Grrrr, hey get out my way, I have to shit like a wookie. I got a turtle head pokin', it's getting all emotional on me.
by nick May 23, 2005
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When you excrete a higher than normal amount of feces due to eating rich and huge portions of food like that of a king could afford.
Me: Ohh, I ate 5 course meals in one sitting last night, I filled up my porcelain chair this morning!
Friend: Damn, you must've shit like a king!
Me: Yea now my toilet doesn't work.
by mitch_southpaw December 28, 2018
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After spending 10 days eating nothing but sweaty cheese, old cracker,granola, pinecones, dried fruit, and raw lake water and not taking a shit, its whats gonna coe out ur ass.
MAN! I have to shit like a wildebeast.
*5 hours later*
Wow I realy did shit like a wildebeast he remarks as he looks at the strangely coloured mound of shihe left for some guy to stepp in, in the middle of the forest
by Matt Evening May 10, 2007
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