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very fun but hard to make it all go well as planned but really fun if there is weed in it!
MArijuana brownies are very fun, and are not overrated but they are very hard to make and keep all good, they are very expensive, andthey are cool!
by S & B June 21, 2003
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Saying blacky with less racism.
White person: Hey blacky!

Black person: nigga ill come over and beat your ass right now.

White person: Hey Browny!

Black person: hey what up dawg
by eeeeeeandrew July 14, 2011
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The lovely thing that everyone wants but cant seem to make, and if you can your a god among men,
By themselves they release a sensation like no other, but when you add weed it turns your sensation into a party in which no other can compare,
If you really want to know what brownies do to ya, ask the drop out across the street sellin weed
by Phatboislim September 19, 2009
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Brownies: After eating and digesting, your body is preparing to make brownies.

When you release your brownies, they are referred to as the "brownies are fresh out of the oven."

If you have diarrhea, the brownies are known as "messy" and you probably added too much milk to the brownie mixture.

Sometimes you flush your brownies, but some do not go all the way down. These are known as "brownie crumbs."

If your brownies are green in color, mint chocolate chip brownies were made.

If you happen to have had too much spicy food, your brownies come out of the oven a little to hot. Be careful.

*Note: Based on how often you pass gas and/or how bad it smells tells you that the brownies will be ready soon.
Oh, man! That lasagna was good! I'm going to be making brownies in about an hour though.

Uht oh. I had wayyy too many buffalo wings tonight! I am not looking forward to this brownie mixture later!

Dude! Your farts reek! What kinda brownies you got cookin' in there?!
by KidClever November 11, 2010
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A dude who, is one of the greatest forms of entertainment, both at his or someone else's expense
"Did you hear what Browny did last night? What a mad effort!!"
by Brownypaul January 16, 2009
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When persons (usually a group) partake in the consumption of brownies baked with weed with intention of getting high. Side affects usually include nausea and dizziness.
by Weedmannn October 28, 2009
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A person who is a very large fan of the series My Little Pony
Guy: Dude, did you see yesterdays episode of MLP? I watch it 3 times!
Other Guy: You are such a browny
by LawlGasms November 08, 2011
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