Illicit is another word for a female online predator looking for teenage girls or teenage boys for that matter online. This predator will do anything for you to gain her trust. She will take you in with some sob story ( pretending she got cancer ) or something along the lines of that to get the young teenager to feel sorry for her. She will have an online relationship with this girl/boy and soon want to meet up with them. She's very into BDSM and is about 10 times the size of any average 15 year old meaning it would be VERY hard to escape her arms. This predator normally works in a pair and is engaged to a guy that she doesn't normally let anyone find out about that. She can be a real bitch sometimes to, so watch the fuck out.
She's illicit on retros run!
by dnoman123 October 14, 2013
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eliciting details of an illicit manner
My bashfulness kept me from responding to my friends' illicitation for details about my one-night stand
by Goober Bee Jay November 20, 2012
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Latin for the word snot as well as german for the word poop
Ass flakings
A Full tissue
by Zippy February 24, 2005
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and thats the thing about illicit affairs and clandestine meetings

and longing stares

theyre born from just one single glance but they die,

and they die,
and they die, a million little times

leave the perfume on the shelf,

that you picked out just for him
so you leave no trace behind,
like you dont even exist
take the words for what they are
a dwindling mercurial high
a drug that only worked

the first few hundred times
by shawtygotthafatty May 24, 2021
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a taylor swift song that is like low-key amazing
"Have you listened to illicit affairs yet?"
"Yes like 7 million times, who hasn't?"
by idk but umm yeah November 19, 2020
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an influential (albeit malevolent) Internet personality who’s shtick consists of provoking the public and offending the world on religion, politics, celebs and literally everything and shows zero remorse for it as nothing truly matters to J himself. Grimes is notorious for being brutally honest and being the Jack of all trades; no one like the sinful son himself

J Grimes truly is da wickedest 🤙

People hate to admit he’s right about everything, that celebrities are stuck up and that breaking morality is what gets you to the top aside from 1% luck, they like truth until you throw it in their face. J grimes is the rapper that teaches that rebellion is acceptable and that it’s in our nature and that famous people are just as shitty as the rest of us

J likes to corrupt things and juniorize them, like making parodies of songs and causing people to turn on one another cuz it’s fun, if there’s music and dancing then junior grimes is for sure to be nearby
*people at synagogue enjoying ceremony*

J grimes: *shows up undetected*

J grimes: alright it’s showtime!

Jews: *suprised pikachu face*

J grimes: who wants pork chops? >:)

Jews: RUN! somebody stop him!

J Grimes: too late......

Everyone there: *panics and screams in agony*


The illicit yet infamous J grimes is the ugly truth of humanity and the beautiful lie at the same time


Teacher: alright class who here can name one of the worst dictators in history?

Student 1: uh adolf hitler?

Student 2: junior grimes?

Teacher: well, you didn’t have to go that far, looks like there’s no competition when it’s the infamous j grimes

Classroom: .....woaw

Student 1: oh yeah I forgot about him

Teacher: don’t mention his name, it’s forbidden

J grimes: duh! Who tf you think your referring to?

Students: *facepalm*
by informant from yonkers September 3, 2021
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