term made by imran and yared from dmv
means to use the bathroom and use your device and stay there for a while by going on social media and watching YT videos. YOU MUST STAY THERE MINIMUM 10-15 for this to count as an update. term was made around december in 2018
Alright boys i’m bout to update. again?!?, it’s been 3 times already today.
Ahh just updated
by GamerBoy Terms December 7, 2019
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1.to record the latest information

2. to bring something up-to date
I have to update my browser.
by The Return of Light Joker August 4, 2008
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To have anal sex: derived from the Australian slang date, meaning asshole, on account of its generally round, wrinkled and brown appearance.
"Let me update you."

"I'm hoping to update her this evening."

"He promised he would update me. It's most frustrating."

"I've been giving him hourly updates."
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 19, 2006
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Dating above your level of hotness, intelligence, economic stature, or overall likability.
by Cammie B February 3, 2009
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Something that TF2 hates doing.
Last major update since Jungle Inferno: 415427216534 days
by my.y.y.y August 6, 2021
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Hey man, I just got the BIGGEST update after seeing Kelly in a swimsuit!
by George Prices January 14, 2011
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Minecraft was updated, now it sucks.

The discord server was updated and changed, imma leave now.

Shit crap. My favourite game updated.

Fucking developers kill good games like this so much. I wanna go to their house and make them undo it while pointing a gun at their head.
by DICK-FUCK-PUSSY-SUCK November 8, 2020
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