The finger, the New York state bird, the one finger salute.
1. I flipped off an annoying fan at a Bears game in 90.

2. Mike Ditka grabbed his manhood and flipped off the fans for harrassing him and the Saints players. He was later fired for the incident.
by Saints September 28, 2003
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The Bird is a complicated sexual maneuver. Successful completion requires five (5) people, one of whom is The Bird.

The Bird takes one dick from the back, one dick in the mouth, one dick in their left hand (while the person stands on The Birdโ€™s left), and one dick in their right hand (while the person stands on The Birdโ€™s right).

Bent over with all four (4) penises in position, The Bird jerks their arms back-and-forth while rocking their body back-and-forth. They look like they are trying to fly away, hence, The Bird.
Dude, I just walked in on the sickest shit I have ever seen!

I caught Nathan, Matt, Jon, Mitch, and Dave doing The Bird!
by The Supporter March 08, 2007
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codename for flipping someone off, stated in Flight of the Conchords, something u cant add wings to. something given to a man stationed at a fruit stand who is racist towards australians, and confuses them with new zealanders.
Well when someone flips you off you give them the bird. Well that doesnt look like a bird, this does(puts hands together connecting at thumbs then flapping hands). Well y dont u add wings to the bird cause it doesnt look like a bird without wings. no wings just the bird. how bout i come up behind u after u give the bird and i add the wings that will rlly get him!
by Magasauras Maximus August 18, 2008
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