1- means to suck ones own dick.
2- An insult
cock- your gay.
dick- fuck you bitch!
cock- go suck your own!
by vin July 24, 2004
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Haven't you ever heard that one?
Not quite like the French "you suck hairy balls", but close
Shit: Yo, fagget! I'll punch you in the balls!
Fuck: You might as well suck your own instead, cause I got NOOO balllz!
Shit: I bet you ate em!
Fuck: I bet I'll eat your too!
Shit: Not before I ejaculate all over your turd face!
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When a person constantly brags and/or talks about themselves to anyone within earshot.
DeeDee: Did you have fun at the bar last night with Danny?

NJ: Eh, I couldn't really get a word in because he just sucked his own dick the whole time.

DeeDee: What! I didn't know you could suck your own dick.

NJ: I just mean he wouldn't talk about anything except for how cool he is. I don't care how many famous people he hangs out with or how many parties he gets invited to, but that's all he cares about.
by Bratarle January 9, 2014
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Sucking your own cock -
The art of bending your head forward towards your penis, and being able to pull at least 1 cm of skin up and down, or enough to ejaculate.
Welp, imma suck my own cock now.

Go away mom, I'm sucking my own cock over here.

Why are you sucking your own cock?
by BOIIIIIbig July 21, 2020
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What you're doing when you create a definition for your own name.
Dylan: "I just defined 'Dylan' as 'Cool friend and huge lady's man' on Urban Dictionary!"
Steven: "Quit sucking your own dick. Who the fuck invited you, anyway?"
by Kiro Osex XIII July 4, 2016
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Something that is said to someone when they are pissed.
Nipps = Nipples
by Gabriel Janusios April 3, 2010
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