The process of talking large amounts of shit, towards stupid individuals.

While playing online games one may 'Chirp' towards all of the noob players.

Before, During, or After a fight, the individuals fighting will often 'Chirp' each other.

Bob: Eh look at all these kids chirping us, let's fight!
by [BA]RedBeard February 28, 2008
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Squealing the tires during a gear change. Mentions of this are extremely common in car and car-mod forums.

Past tense: chirped.

Chirping gears requires high-revving whilst doing the gear changes and can be done on all decent stock models (with manual transmissions) through first and second. Chirping third is reserved for sports cars, and chirping fourth is a rare occurrence. Note: this reduces the life of your clutch, but is a lot of fun.
I was chirping third at the track today!

Dude, I totally chirped fourth in my insert souped-up car today!!!
by Ben Linkewich March 29, 2008
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Using the push-to-talk (2-way radio) function of Nextel phones. Commonly used slang in Brooklyn....where every1 has a Nextel.
Chirp me tonight. I chirped Alex 10 minutes ago.
by Mr.Freeze December 25, 2003
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chirping is a word you use when you have experienced using a pill that has you wilder than ever.
My dawg just called me them pills got him chirping.
by Mr.leecounty March 6, 2010
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Slang for the deafening silence that comes when someone gets pwned in public and cannot come up with a decent response.
"She used to talk smack all the time, but now she's nothing but chirp chirp"
by The Czar of Goading November 25, 2009
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When you clasp your scrotum and penis in your hands as to hide its contents from view. Then patiently wait for unsuspecting women to approach; when they asked what’s in your hands say it’s a little bird you caught and are trying to nurse back to health. When you are asked to see it, play hard to get and say, "You don't want to see it". When they pressure you some more you are to reveal your fully exposed scrotum and penis and immediately say "CHIRP... CHIRP”!
Timmy got fired from his job at the public swimming pool for playing the "CHIRP CHIRP" game on minors.
by T-CUP July 3, 2015
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Popular in Muncie, Indiana, USA and in geographical areas boasting large concentrations of Ball State University alumni, "Chirp Chirp" is a blood-curdling cheer used to instill fear and terror into the hearts of opposing schools who dare to step onto the same field, court, ring, ice rink, drinking establishment, etc. with a Ball State Cardinal. It is derivative of the sound emitted from the fiercest robin-sized bird known to man, the Midwest American cardinal. Not always used to intimidate, "chirp chirp" can also be a jovial cheer expressing praise or acclaim as its user may employ it to convey general pride for their school.
Person one: Duuuuuuuuude! Did you see Ball State take down Notre Dame tonight? Persons hit a last second shot to ice the game!

Person two: Chirp Chirp.
by Bob's Oasis December 6, 2017
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