A caring person who watches out for her friends and gives good advice
by Tgggffghf April 4, 2017
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n: A hand gun of anytype. a tuli (hand gun) is not registered, though.
Nobody wants to mess with this dude because he has a tuli on the waist line.
by qb15 July 27, 2005
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far from urban life. Used in the form, "out in the tulies" or "waaaay out in the tulies." Someone can be "from the tulies"--same meaning as "from the sticks." The term comes from the tulie rush, a country plant that is (or used to be) common in moist areas of US west coast states, but does not thrive in or near cities.
"Are you going to the party?"
"Dunno, they live way out in the tulies somewhere."
by wordynerd July 6, 2008
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i think it means gun. i heard it in Akons song "Ghetto"
On the corner with the tuli on the waist tight just got outta the bing doin stay time
by animan6 January 7, 2005
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The Phillipines' traditional circumcision ritual. Usually done during the tweens and early teens, it signifies that the "boy" is a boy no longer but a man.

Two things about it:

One, contrary to what Intactivists would say the Philippines circumcision isn't a full removal of the foreskin but a superincision. That would mean that the foreskin would still be in a sense, intact.

Two, unfortunately a stigma surrounding uncut males is present in the Philippines. It is quite unfortunate that it exists in this day and age.

Tuli is often translated to circumcision even though it isn't really a circumcision.
"Magpapatuli na si Donny bukas."
Donny will get his circumcision tomorrow.
by RichardsonDavis April 11, 2021
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(n) painting brush to paint picture
Ami tuli die rong kori
by T.U.L.I January 25, 2009
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Tuli is one of the most special people ever. She scares me...
Oh tuli.
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
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