a dominant alpha male and top shagger this man most likely finnesses the bossman on the daily
by MrShagYourMom January 29, 2020
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the most perfect guy ever. very sweet and very suppostive..never pressure. and always knows the right thing to say to make you happy, smile, or brighten your day. damn hot. had the cutest smile in the whole world. some that is very easy to fall in love with.. hes the best guy ever
by kissin in the rain March 7, 2009
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A super aggressive alpha wolf, with superior animal magnetism that no female can resist. He is an animal in all parts of life from sex to battles. Born leader with possessing high intelligence.
Do you see that guy over there he's a 10 and an animal, its not often you see a real Donny!
by loco lobo May 31, 2013
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an adjective for a horny piece of shit bastard
guy 1: that girl is so donny
guy 2: i know right fuck her
by Finnity April 20, 2019
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1. From the name Donald, of English origin.
2. A charming young man everyone loves!
Person 1: Who is that amazing young man?
Person 2: It's Donny!
by YoursTruly_ March 19, 2008
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Randomly blurting things out at inappropriate times
When Ms. Butterfield talked out of turn she pulled a Donny.
by bad_mofo May 11, 2010
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A hot, athletic guy with amazing eyes. He is tall and strong. He will make you laugh every day and you will smile when you think about him. Donny is great at every sport he plays.
Everything about him is flawless. It is easy for him to make friends with anyone, but he will have a few friends that he is closest to. Donny is not the kind of guy that will get jealous easily. The Donny that you know will be athletic, charming, talented, and easy to love. There is no doubt that Donny is the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for.
person 1- "Did it just get hot in here?"

person 2- "Yeah, Donny just walked in"
by Kusie December 16, 2018
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