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Middle of nowhere, beyond the outskirts of town.
The place we were headed was out in the sticks, so we didn't expect there to be much else around it.
by FawazP November 05, 2006
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1) A device, either given or not, used for rescuing young boys who have fallen on one's ice lawn.
2) Strong Bad and The Cheat's most favorite meeting place/hangout.
Give him the stick....DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!
by SpookyTree April 14, 2004
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A street slang name for an AK-47 assault rifle, also known as a "chopper" or "yopper".

Most commonly used to refer to an illegally owned AK-47, usually owned by a drug dealer.
Cop: "Why did you kill 'D-bo'?"
Suspect: "Man, D-bo stole the stick. Why D-bo gotta steal my stick man?"
by Dirtyblazer09 September 21, 2011
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Punishment, opprobrium; usually undeserved.
"It's not fair - he acts like a knob and I get the stick for it."
by Will_A August 17, 2005
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The number one hang-out spot for Homestar, Strong Bad and the gang. Broken by Strong Bad after he gave it a hi-five.
by Me. Who else?! September 12, 2003
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its the wooden tree-like companion of strong bad. his quality time with the stick on labor day is cut short by a decapitation
"oh, sorry about that the stick"
by kabobbhouz September 12, 2003
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Code name for guys on a hot day when his balls are sticking to his thigh. 'The Sticks' can be avoided with a small dose of babypowder after a morning shower.

Signs of 'The Sticks':

When a male frequently puts his hands in his pockets. (momentarily relieving him of 'the sticks')

When a male takes strange looking side steps to separate his thighs as far as possible (this also momentarily relieves him of 'the sticks')
Guy #1: Dude are you playin with your tip in your pocket?

Guy #2: Nah bro I got The Sticks bad today, couldn't find my baby powder this morning.
by Mon-Star March 16, 2010
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