1. A person who fits the stereotypical look of a registered sex offender
2. Someone who is known to take advantage of women.
1. Look at that guy...he's definitely registered.
2. That guy tries to get all these girls drunk, he should be registered.
by FauxBeez February 6, 2006
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The plume of blood that appears in a syringe chamber when injecting, suggesting that the venepuncture has been successful (Drug user slang)
Usually I can't find a vein but yesterday I got a register first go!
by Dr Merkin September 28, 2008
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An excuse used by Counter-strike players when they shoot anyother player and completely miss.
Malix ! kA0s : WOW REGISTER I SHOT HIM IN THE FACE 30 TIMES !@$@!#*&#(%^
Malix ! Fear: Dude... you missed all thirty shots.
by Elido Ruiz June 12, 2004
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The new wave of comebacks, it is the exclamation at the end of any point, statement, or just plain old outburst. Most effective when accompanied by a hand movement beside the ear similar to that of pulling a slot maching handle, sound effect of cha-chink, and then finally your "register that"!
What you lookin at bitch! I'll slap you for it. (hand movement) (cha-chink) REGISTER THAT!
by cin January 28, 2005
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when you stick your cock in and out of a girl real fast giving her the bug eye effect
yeah i rung her up like a register her eyes almost popped out
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The highest register of the human voice. A note properly sung in this register can, in fact, shatter glass.

The whistle register is very rarely used in music, mostly because the ability to hold a pitch in the whistle register is itself very rare. However, singers who can reach these notes do have a few special privileges. Only a whistle-register singer may play the Queen of the Night in Mozart's Die Zauberflote.
Two very famous whistle register singers are Mariah Carey and Sarah Brightman.
by Pitti-Sing June 24, 2006
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