What happens when ignorant parents are jealous of their beautiful child.
Mother: Honey, our son was so handsome that I cut his foreskin off.
Father: Thank god you circumcised him! At least he isn't as good looking as I am.
^^^ Fucking parents don't even know what circumcision does to the poor boy's sex life.
by ProfessionalProgrammer January 18, 2015
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circumcision.to surgicaly remove the foreskin off the male penis usualy done at birth or during infancy,but can be done at any time in life, for reasons like ,religion,preference,medical =phimosis= balantisor just poor hygien
or in some radical religions they perform female circumcision wich is to completly remove the clitoris!
Hey peeps dont be so childish it makes you look bad and uneducated!
if cant take a Joke take a Toke!
im from canada not jew or muslim but when was 19 i got circumcised and im 29 now,ive had sex and several sex partners before and plenty more after! and these are the differences ive noticed....
1-during sex there's no loose skin movement between my penis and the vagina (this would be more of a female preference) some like more or less friction!
2- if i happend to be out camping/partying and there's no showers i will not accumulate smegma
3- sensitivity as for sex lasting longer ive not noticed i cannot last any longer then before no differences
4- no difference i masturbate just as much as before LoL
5- for me it now makes holding a condom better tho but i do not need one anymore.....

-generaly women like all penises circumcised or not aslong as its clean.
-dont you like all vagina's aslong as there nice and clean?
-hey maybe that jewish girl would like to try a nonecircumcised penis since she's accustomed to circumcised!

- hey maybe that girl from the UK girls would like to try this circumcised penis since she's accustomed to uncircumcised!
-women love penises even tho its been circumcised
-women do not like smegma on there penies so circumcised guys dont have to worry!
-im glad i got circumcised if my foreskin would grow back,i have it re-circumcised right away!
ps.You cant fool me cause i know from experience!
by C.Dick June 29, 2006
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American practice of Barbaric Mutilation Of A Healthy Boys Genitals with a sharp instrument, Causing unknown pain at the time and anger later in life when they realise they have been robbed of the most sensitve part of the male body.
Risky Surgery that can leave the penis smaller, bent or even disfigured.
I Have a friend who had the head of his penis sliced by a doctor during Circumcision - ouch.

A lot of American boys I talk to are upset that their parents had circumcision performed on them at birth for no apparently credible reason.

by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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It is the procedure of cutting foreskin either in part or in total.
Usually carried out for religious, medical or social reasons. All Muslim and Jewish males are expected to be circumcised to comply with their religious requirements. Several medical conditions such as phimosis warrant circumcision. It is also carried out widely in Americas and parts of Asia and Africa for social reasons. Circumcision is also popular among people seeking greater sexual aesthetics and increased sexual stimuli and excitement.
Mohammed is seven years old and ready for circumcision.

Circumcision enhanced Jim's seuxual pleasures.

Doctors recommended circumcision to treat my friend's phimosis.
by Nick Smith December 6, 2003
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When a male is born, his penis is wearing a little turtleneck. Circumcision is the process of pulling the "collar" up and snipping it right off, so that it wears less like a turtleneck and more like a comfortable T-shirt. Also aids in taking a piss because one won't piss all over oneself, or someone at an adjacent urinal.
The doctor took little johnny to the room for his circumcision.
by CaptainEntendre June 9, 2006
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It is the removal of the foreskin. Some facts are: Not only are male circumcision rates in USA at 90-95% but other countries have even better numbers: all Polynesian Islands; the Philippines; South Korea; some African tribes; Israel and all Jewish conclaves around the world; all Muslim countries. The latter two are at 99.999%
When the foreskin is removed, the nerves in the shaft that ended in the foreskin grow new endings in the whole shaft. The result is a penile shaft that is more erotic.
Isn't there a lot of pain, when circumcised? Doctors now use creams or a shot to the penile nerve to deaden the nerves. There is no pain and no screaming. My two infant younger brothers slept through it all. Adolescent and adult males usually have a general anesthesia.
Is male circumcision a mutilation? No. Just look up the word in a good dictionary. It is a minor form of cosmetic surgery. It really makes the penis look better.
Are there any good health reasons for circumcision? Yes, there are. A first line of defense against infections such as AIDS/HIV and various sexual diseases. In the infant, a preventive for kidney diseases. Simplified hygiene. Good sex. The glans really remains soft.
A conversation with my roommate at the university.
Some anticirc persons had come to the campus today.

"What do you think of their point of view?"

"I don't think they know what they are talking about. It is really none of their business, being cut or intact."

"With them the foreskin seems to be a new religious symbol. I think that it may be only another fetish."

"You really like your circumcision, don't you."

"As you can see I am grateful to my parents for having it done."

"I'll second that. All the males in my extended family have been circumcised as have all the guys here that I have met in the campus locker rooms or in the showers on our floor."
by IvyLeague19 March 27, 2010
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